ARTIST: Subject Mad

YEARS ACTIVE: 1993 - 1998

HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona

ASSOCIATED ACTS: The Vroom / Man-Dingo / This Traveling Will / Dirty Laundry / J & B Welding / Misanthropic / The Orange


Ben Toczac Vocals / Guitar (1993 - 1998)

Billy Horner Drums (1993 - 1998)

Luke Mathers Bass (1993 - 1998)





While attending Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona, three students decided to get together and make music after class. After getting together a few times, it was obvious to them all that they had a chemistry, and chose to start a punk rock band. The trio called themselves Subject Mad, and wrote several original tracks that had a raw, hardcore punk rock sound. In 1994, the band recorded a demo cassette and sold it to fans, and used it to help get them various shows across the Valley.

Subject Mad eventually generated a loyal following of fans, and began opening up for dozens of well established touring punk bands in their hometown of Arizona. Subject Mad’s drummer, Billy Horner, eventually was forced to leave his other project, Dirty Laundry, when Subject Mad’s fanbase greatly increased and the band began playing live shows much more often.

In late 1995, Dirty Laundry’s bassist, Chase Stain, approached Subject Mad and asked the group to sign a single album contract with his new record label, Bad Stain Records. The band agreed, and started recording songs for a full length album.

The bands unique and original sound was a blend of FYP and The Toy Dolls, with tight drums, thunderous bass lines, and crunchy guitar tones. Lyrics surrounded politics, teenage rebellion, and love, as well as everyday life. Their large fan base grew very excited with the news that Subject Mad would be releasing a full length album, and both the band and Bad Stain Records attempted to promote the release as a huge event, hoping that the album would help both entities gain more exposure in the valley.

In September of 1996, Subject Mad released their debut full length album, “Mad in the USA”, and record sales were incredibly strong, and the album also received extremely positive feedback from critics. A year following the release of “Mad in the USA”, Subject Mad released the seven song seven inch record, “3 Funny Kids” on Dirty Records, and the band performed various shows throughout the state of Arizona promoting both releases.

Despite the bands large fanbase and critically acclaimed releases, the members of Subject Mad decided to go their separate ways in 1998, as they felt as though they each needed a change in their lives musically. Vocalist and guitarist Ben Toczac formed the crustcore metal band, Misanthropic, drummer Billy Horner formed the rockabilly band, The Vrooom, and bassist Luke Mathers formed the indie rock band, The Orange, and also joined the pop punk band, Man-Dingo.

In 2007, the band won the award for Best Retired Group at the 2007 Arizona Ska Punk Awards Ceremony in Phoenix, Arizona. The members of Subject Mad can still be found in the valley, performing with local bands across the state, although Subject Mad has never reunited, and currently have no plans of returning in the future.