ARTIST: Numbers On Napkins

YEARS ACTIVE: 2003 - 2013, 2018 - 2021

HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona


Reason Unknown / Dirty Laundry / Stuck in a Groove / Cobalt Bloom / Forever Falling / Lesser Criminals / The New Republicans / Three Chord Mafia


Chase Stain Vocals / Bass (2003 - 2013, 2018 - 2021)

Moe Money Vocals / Guitar (2003 - 2013, 2018 - 2021)

Tad Gurthman Vocals / Drums (2003 - 2013, 2018 - 2021)

Matt Martini Vocals / Guitar (2005 - 2010)





Rising from the ashes of Yars Revenge emerged Numbers On Napkins, an infectious punk rock influenced independent rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. NON quickly signed with Bad Stain Records and released their debut full length album, "Waiting for Tomorrow". After the release, the band toured heavily across the southwest to promote the album, sharing the stage with bands like Groovie Ghoulies, Teenage Bottlerocket, Yellowcard and Plain White T's.

NON’s debut album quickly became the best selling non-compilation CD that Bad Stain Records had ever released, and eventually went on to sell 12,000 copies. Their single "Runaway" was put into regular rotation on many college and Internet radio stations, and was eventually added to the roster on The Edge 103.9FM, a popular alternative rock radio station in Phoenix. Their track "True Love" was voted the #1 Best Punk Rock Love Song at, and eventually took the #1 spot on the ALL TIME charts in 2005, and held the #1 position until the websites demise in 2009.

In September of 2005, NoN added a second guitarist to the band as a way to help give the band a fuller sound and expand creativity. The band chose Matt Martini for the position, who had been the guitarist for the punk band, The New Republicans from 2003 until 2004.

After adding Martini, NoN released the "Quickerdrunkenlouderharder" EP in the summer of 2006, and once again started touring and performing interviews to help promote the release. Over the next three years, NON went on several tours, and played locally at popular events such as the Arizona Ska Punk Awards, the Vans Warped Tour, and The Phoenix New Times Music Showcase. In addition, the band opened up for dozens of popular national touring acts in their genre, ranging from Guttermouth and Youth Brigade, to Agent Orange and The Queers.

NoN's third release, the "Forget This, I'm Going to Tokyo" EP, was released on Bad Stain in 2009 and featured three tracks from their upcoming full length album, "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas", plus three previously unreleased live tracks.

The band managed to enlist Joe Queer (Frontman of long time running and legendary pop punk band, The Queers) to help produce their new CD. NON completed the full length album titled, "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas", and released it in December of 2010 on Bad Stain Records.

Shortly after the release of NoN’s new album, Matt Martini left the band for creative differences. NoN continued performing live shows until early 2013, when the band announced that they would be taking a hiatus to focus on their families for an unknown period of time. On St. Patrick's Day of 2013, NoN performed their last live show in Glendale, Arizona, and officially went on the hiatus.

Nearly five years later, in late 2017, NoN made an announcement on their official website that they were ending the hiatus and returning to the scene. In addition, the band announced that they would be releasing a new album to help celebrate their return, and promised to post additional details about the album in the near future.

In early 2018, NoN announced that they were recording their new album, and stated that they had enlisted the help of former guitarist, Matt Martini in the recording process.

In the summer of 2019, NoN released their latest full length album, "From Buckeye To Beardsley", on Bad Stain Records. The album was well received by both fans and critics alike, although the band did not tour or perform any live shows locally to promote the release. Just a few months after releasing “From Buckeye To Beardsley”, NON released a limited edition single CD EP titled, "Ode to the Drink". The EP featured four different versions of the bands popular single, and sold out of all 300 copies within the a few months.

In June of 2020, NoN released a special Fifteen Year Anniversary Deluxe Collector’s Edition Re-Issue of the bands debut full length album, “Waiting for Tomorrow” on Bad Stain Records and Media Core Entertainment. In addition to containing all of the tracks originally released on their first album, the re-issue also contains a dozen bonus tracks, including demo versions of popular songs like “Runaway”, “True Love”, and “Broken”, as well as live recordings, and rare and previously unreleased material. The re-issue release was well received by critics, and although record sales were not amazing, the album sold well considering that the band did not tour or perform any live shows to help promote the release.

In late 2020, Numbers On Napkins announced that they were discussing the possibility of releasing a “Best of” album with Media Core Entertainment, and promised to let fans know additional details in 2021. In the summer of 2020, NoN bassist and co-frontman, Chase Stain, was interviewed in the Phoenix based magazine, Valley Frequencies. During the interview, Stain hinted that the band may possibly release the bands second full length album, “Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas”, in digital format for the first time in the near future, possibly as early as 2021.

In early 2021, NoN released "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas" in digital format, available at over 100 sites including I-Tunes and Spotify. The band also announced that they would in fact be releasing a "Best of" album, titled "Non Essentials". The album was set for release in August of 2021. In April of 2021 the band announced that they were officially calling it quits and heading in their own separate directions.