ARTIST: Mr. Plow

YEARS ACTIVE: 1997 - Present

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California



Mr. Plow (1997 - Present)





Mr. Plow has been raising hell across Canada and the United States since 1997, exposing his vulgar and comedic style of acoustic punk rock and anti-folk to the masses. Plow has spent plenty of time touring and playing at various festivals and popular events, and opening up for dozens of popular national acts ranging from Joey Cape to Tenacious D.

Mr. Plow got his start as a roadie for the popular underground ska band, Fishbone, and in the late nineties, he began spending nearly all of his time on the road, spreading his filth across the land. He has been described as the bastard son of El Duce (from the Mentors) to the reincarnation of GG Allin, without the flinging pooh.

In 2004, Mr. Plow released his popular full length album, “Mad Plow Disease”, which featured a handful of special guests, including Fishbone bassist and singer, Norwood Fisher, and Fishbone guitarist, Rocky George. The album was a huge success, and in August of 2005, Bad Stain Records signed Mr. Plow and began pressing and distributing the full length CD.

In addition to “Mad Plow Disease”, Bad Stain also released Mr. Plows follow up to the successful album titled, “The Little Red Book of Chairman Plow”. Plow’s follow up didn’t have the same Earth shattering impact that arose from “Mad Plow Disease” as far as record sales, although the album was critically acclaimed, and The Punk Rock Tribune stated that, “(Little Red Book of Chairman Plow) shows how much Mr. Plow has grown musically.....and (the album) has true and vibrant creativity with a bright comedic style”.

Mr. Plow continues to travel from town to town, sharing his infectious sound with anyone lucky enough to see one of his live performances.