YEARS ACTIVE: 1994 - 1997, 2006

HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona

ASSOCIATED ACTS: Racecar Bob / Helen's Wheels / The Route 66 Killers / Dirty Laundry


Rynn Stolworthy Bass / Vocals (1994 - 1997, 2006)

Tommy Platt Guitar / Vocals (1994 - 1997, 2006)

Jonathan “Jones” Woodruff Guitar (1995 - 1997, 2006)

Tim Kaiser Vocals (1994 - 1997, 2006)

Joe Platt Drums (1994 - 1997, 2006)





D-I-X formed in early 1994, when brothers Joe and Tommy Platt teamed up with their friend Rynn Stolworthy and Tim Kaiser to start a punk band with their goal to get signed to Fat Wreck Chords. The four young lads had a technical style in the vein of Strung Out and Lagwagon, but with a vocal style similar to Bad Religion and No Use For A Name. D-I-X also tossed in a pinch of ska to their mix, and wrote serious political lyrics, as well as humerous lyrics to give the band a comedic edge.

The bands debut show was an impressive slot, opening up for the popular Fat Wreck Chords band, Strung Out, just a few months after Strung Out released their debut Fat Wreck Chords release, "Another Day In Paradise". The show helped to launch the bands fanbase right from the start, and D-I-X found themselves getting several offers to open up for other popular touring bands in their genre.

In early 1995, the band recruited guitarist "Jon "Jones" Woodruff to join the band. Woodruff had been the former guitarist for the punk band, Dirty Laundry, and had recently parted ways with the band. Woodruff's unique songwriting style helped expand the groups sound, and they were soon approached by Dirty Laundry's bassist, Chase Stain, who asked the band if they would be interested in signing a contract with a new record label he had started with his friends Kris and Kelly Johnson, called Bad Stain Records. Stain had just sold his first record label, and was looking for talented bands that had strong potential to help launch his new label.

In the summer of 1995, D-I-X became the second band to sign with Bad Stain, the first being Dirty Laundry. Stain and the Johnson Brothers felt very strongly about D-I-X's ability to increase the label's exposure, considering how well that the band had done for themselves in such a short period of time.

Bad Stain Records wasted no time, and just two weeks after D-I-X signed with the label, the band was in the studio recording material for their debut release. In August of 1995, D-I-X released their debut full length album, "Non Compos Mentis" on Bad Stain Records. The album was an immediate success, and sold hundreds of copies within the first few weeks of its release.

D-I-X continued to perform live shows across the entire state of Arizona over the next few months, and the bands fanbase continued to grow after Bad Stain released albums from additional local acts in 1996. Bad Stain artists performed together frequently, playing shows across the state and sometimes touring the southwestern U.S.

D-I-X began recording a follow up to their debut album in late 1996, and hoped to release a new full length album in the summer of 1997.

In early 1997, D-I-X developed legal problems regarding the bands name, and despite the fact that the other band claiming to have the rights to the name "D-I-X" was unable to provide any documentation or proof, the members chose to drop the name instead of dealing with the mess. The band changed their name to Racecar Bob in early 1997, and returned to the studio to complete the final mixing of their new full length album.

Racecar Bob released 4 new tracks on the compilation CD, Punk til ya Puke, on Bad Stain Records in 1997, and discontinued using the name D-I-X. However, Bad Stain Records continued to press "Non Compos Mentis" as an album from D-I-X, which somewhat confused many fans. In late 1997, Racecar Bob officially broke up after personal issues with band members became priorities.

In 2006, D-I-X performed a special reunion twenty minutes live set at The Fourth Annual Arizona Ska Punk Awards Ceremony at Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix, Arizona. It was the first time that all of the members shared a stage together in nearly a decade, and the last live performance that the band ever had.