ARTIST: Daymes Rocket

YEARS ACTIVE: 2014 - Present

HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona

ASSOCIATED ACTS: Halo / Zensin / Gone Madd


Erika Welton Vocals / Guitar (2014 - Present)

Madd Mike Drums (2014 - Present)


Hypatia Alexandria Bass (2014 - 2020)





With their raw, determined, in your face talent, lead singer and guitarist Erika Welton, bassist Hypatia Alexandrea, and drummer Mike Soto are making sure rock music is here to stay. An infusion of rock, pop punk, with some metal mixed in creates the Daymes Rocket sound with punching lyrics and melodies that audiences love.

Daymes Rocket was formed in 2014, following the demise of the band, Halo. After the break up, drummer “Mad” Mike Soto and guitarist and vocalist, Erika Welton, chose to move forward with a new project and started Daymes Rocket. The duo enlisted the help of Hypatia Alexandrea on bass, and started performing live shows across the country.

Due to the fact that drummer “Mad” Mike Soto lives in Phoenix, Arizona, vocalist and guitarist, Erika Welton, lives in Seattle, Washington, and bassist, Hypatia Alexandrea, resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the group found it hard at times to get together to write music in person, but that didn’t stop the band.

Dyames Rocket spent years performing live shows before finally signing to Bad Stain Records in 2019 to record and release their music. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put plans on hold for the band who had planned on getting together to write and record an EP in March of 2020. The band put their plans on hiatus to wait out the pandemic, hoping to release an EP and book a tour to promote the release in the near future.

In June of 2020, Daymes Rocket started to move forward with their plans, and booked a tour for the late summer, hoping that the pandemic would stay under control enough for them to continue to promote their band. They booked the tour kickoff show in Mesa, Arizona on August 22nd, and were forced to cancel the tour due to the ongoing pandemic. In April of 2021, Daymes Rocket performed their first live show in over a year. Later that year, the band finally headed on a short tour, and Bad Stain is scheduled to release their single sometime in 2021.