ARTIST: Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys

YEARS ACTIVE: 2020 - Present

HOMETOWN: El Paso, Texas

ASSOCIATED ACTS: Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers / Clown Raping / The Redneck Brothers / Soundriver / Rose Sunshine / The Starlight Sisters / Everything But The Kitchen Sink


Daisy Moonshine Vocals / Keyboard / Synth / Guitar (2020 - Present)

Hemlock Sunshine Bass / Guitar / Keyboard / Synth / Vocals (2020 - Present)

Charlie Riot Guitar / Harmonica / Banjo / Piano / Mandolin (2020 - Present)

Aaron Fuzz Guitar / Bass / Vocals (2020 - Present)

Kevin Maltendena Drums (2020 - Present)


Kenny "Drudge" Mason Bass / Vocals (2020)

Palance Maize Guitar / Vocals (2020)





After performing an impromptu acoustic set at a friends house party in El Paso, Texas in March of 2016 with her ex, Daisy Moonshine quickly formed her first band, Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers. The band was embraced by the Texas local underground punk scene, and quickly developed a large fan base and started looking to sign with a label. The band signed with Bad Stain Records, and released a limited edition ten inch vinyl record, titled "Bellis Perennis" in 2018, and followed up their debut with a limited edition CD one year later titled, "Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers Play Their Favorite Punk Rock Songs". The CD featured the band performing cover songs from 15 punk bands that greatly influenced the band.

In late 2019, Daisy Moonshine and her boyfriend, Redneck Ryan, ended their relationship, causing internal issues within the band. Redneck Ryan and Daisy Moonshine found themselves in long heated arguments at every practice session, and band members started expressing concern regarding the two's behavior. Unfortunately, problems escalated and the band found themselves imploding while on stage at The Old Watering Hole in Dallas on New Years Eve. After Daisy Moonshine made several unflattering comments about Ryan to the Dallas crowd between songs, the two band mates started a screaming match, ending up with Moonshine throwing several beer bottles, as well as the microphone, at Ryan, while spewing lewd insults and spitting in his face. Ryan screamed back, eventually snapping a boom mic stand in half before walking off stage and refusing to finish the set.

The following day, January 1st, 2020, Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers announced that the band was separating to The Dallas Observer, and the popular publication and website printed and posted an official statement from the band a few days later.

It didn't take Daisy long to put together a new band, and she quickly recruited Redneck Brother guitarist, Aaron Fuzz, as well as the bands former guitarist, Charlie Riot, to help form the new line up. Moonshine also approached Drudge Mason, the bassist for the Thrash / Hardcore punk band, Clown Raping, as well as her good friend Palance Maize, who was the guitarist and vocalist for the punk band, Everything but the kitchen sink, and the pop punk band, Soundriver. Completing the new lineup, Moonshine chose Kevin Maltadena to be the bands new drummer. At only 31 years old, Maltadena is close to a decade older than most of the other members, but his vast amount of experience makes him a vital component of the band. Moonshine changed the name of the band, and contacted Bad Stain Records. Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys signed a three year contract with Bad Stain on January 5, 2020, and quickly started working on writing and recording material for their debut release, “Brand New Start”. After the band completed recording all of the songs for their debut release, guitarist Palance Maize chose to leave the group for creative differences.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down music venues across the nation, Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys found themselves unable to tour after releasing “Brand New Start”, so the band started working on writing and recording material for their future releases. Just a few days before entering the recording studio for the second time, the band chose to replace their bassist, “Drudge” Mason, with Daisy Moonshine’s older half brother, Hemlock Sunshine. The band spent most of 2020 in the studio, recording a grand total of five releases....pretty impressive considering that they just started in early 2020!

After “Brand New Start”, Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys released a split seven inch record with Moonshine’s cousin’s, The Starlight Sisters. Immediately following the release of the split seven inch record, the band released another split seven inch record, this time with Moonshine’s half sister, Rose Sunshine. Daisy and the Boys only performed a handful of shows to promote the releases, due to strict regulations from the COVID-19 pandemic. In late 2020, the band released two seven inch records, back to back. The first record was titled “Forward Momentum” and released in October of 2020. The second record, titled “Four Word Momentum” was released just a few weeks later in November of 2020. Both records were well received by critics and fans alike, and the band attempted to perform as much as possible to promote the records.

Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys plan to once again enter the studio in 2021, and hope to release their first full length album later that same year.