ARTIST: 946 West

YEARS ACTIVE: 2015 - 2019

HOMETOWN: Buffalo, New York

ASSOCIATED ACTS: West / Hobo Stuntman


Cris MoSkill Vocals / Guitar (2002 - 2012)

Mark Criminal Corp Guitar (2002 - 2012)

Brandon Sleepy Bass (2002 - 2012)

Nick Nice To See U Drums (2002 - 2012)





For over ten years, the local skate punk rock band ATM helped up the bar in Phoenix, Arizona’s local underground music scene. The band originally chose the name, “All Too Much”, and performed under the name for over five years, until they were contacted by an attorney representing Ralph Sall, a record producer, songwriter, and musician, who wrote and recorded several songs that were used in various movies and included on motion picture soundtracks, using the band name, All Too Much, to help market his music. The band was quickly forced to change their name in 2007, just shortly after signing to Bad Stain Records. While the members recorded the material for their debut full length album, they were conflicted and chose to rename the band either Against The Majority, or Ask The Man. Members still hadn’t decided definitively what their name would be when it came time to release their debut full length titled, “Way Late and Waiting” in 2008, and simply chose to call the band ATM for the release, with no explanation on what A.T.M. stood for anywhere within the CD layout for the release. A few weeks after the album hit store shelves, ATM agreed to officially rename the band Against The Majority, and posted the announcement regarding the name change on their official website, and all of the bands various social media pages. ATM went on several tours across the Southwestern United States during the decade they were together, and performed as the opening act for numerous national touring acts in their genre. In addition, ATM was frequently performing at large local events such as the Arizona Ska Punk Awards, The New Times Music Showcase, and on the local stage at The Vans Warped Tour. Their musical style was frequently described as having an “Early Fat Wreck Chords Sound”, and their lyrics ranged from serious topics like politics and war, to comical subjects like the heartbreak of having a social media page deleted forever. In 2010, ATM started to have internal conflicts within the band, and each of the members found themselves more and more involved in their personal lives, due to the members getting married and having children. The bands live performances started to decrease in frequency over the next 18 months, and eventually, in 2012, ATM officially retired from the scene.