ARTIST: All Mouth No Trousers

YEARS ACTIVE: 1996 - 1999

HOMETOWN: New York, New York

ASSOCIATED ACTS: United Magnetics


Josh Drums (1996 - 1999)

Todd Guitar (1996 - 1999)

Allison ​Vocals / Bass (1996 - 1999)

Emily Vocals / Guitar (1996 - 1999)





50% Boy. 50% Girl. 100% Punk Rock. All Mouth No Trousers was compared to popular bands in their era, such as Lagwagon and Good Riddance, and the popular fanzine, Punk Planet, called them, “Propagandhi with female vocals.” AMNT’s unique style of technical guitar and bass riffs was complemented with tight drums and harmonic vocals, and lyrics that focused primarily on political issues and teenage angst.

All Mouth No Trousers formed in 1996, and signed to Bad Stain Records a year later. In late 1997, the band entered the studio to record tracks for a limited edition seven inch record. In early 1998, AMNT released “Songs Too Wussy For The Fried Green Tomatoes Soundtrack”, a limited edition vinyl seven inch record with a pressing of just 1,000 copies, with the first 300 copies on grey vinyl. The record was very well received in the punk rock community, and achieved critical success with dozens of positive reviews from various underground publications such as Tailspins, The Punk Rock Tribune, Punk Planet, and Maximum Rock N’ Roll.

Unfortunately, the band members conflicting work schedules and personal lives started to have an effect on the band. In addition, AMNT’s drummer, Josh Anamoly, began putting much more of his time and energy into his other project, United Magnetics, in which he ditched the skins to perform as the groups frontman, playing the guitar and singing lead vocals.

In 1999, All Mouth No Trousers threw in the towel and called it quits.