Top Ten Best Albums of 2021

Phoenix Nightlife Magazine

January 2022

Written By: Duncan Torrez

#4: Harmonies from the Hamper - by Dirty Laundry

You might not be familiar with Dirty Laundry, or the name may sound familiar, but you can’t seem to place the music in your head….. Or, you may be familiar with the band and surprised to see them included on this years list because you thought that they had split up years ago. Don’t feel bad, cuz that’s probably the usual reaction people will have. Dirty Laundry was a popular punk band from Phoenix that formed in 1993 and broke up in 2002. The band has influenced dozens of local musicians over the years, and featured several different local musicians throughout their history. Members from the band went on to perform with other popular local artists like Corrupt Citizen, Subject Mad, D-I-X, Regiment, The Route 66 Killers, Sandpaper Love, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, The Vrooom, Numbers On Napkins, Sorrower, and many more! Harmonies from the Hamper is a box set that includes Dirty Laundry’s entire catalog of music on three CD’s, with all of the tracks from each of their previously released albums, as well as previously unreleased material. The box set also contains a butt load of other cool stuff, such as posters, stickers, song lyrics, and information about band members, previously released albums, and more. The box set also includes a band biography that is virtually a novel, with pages and pages about the bands history. Harmonies from the Hamper is an amazing release that is a good addition to anyone’s collection. The box set has a limited pressing of just 2,000 copies, and is available from Bad Stain Records. If the box set does go out of print before you get your hands on a copy, you can still listen to Dirty Laundry anywhere you download or stream music, because the box set is also available in digital format, marking the first time that Dirty Laundry has permitted any of their music to be digitally distributed. However, in order to fully appreciate the release, I do highly suggest getting a physical copy of the release.