Top Ten Best Albums of 2021

Phoenix Nightlife Magazine

January 2022

Written By: Duncan Torrez

#9: NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins - by Numbers On Napkins

It's not really a surprise that we had to include NoN’s “Best of” album on our list, because the album features all of the bands best material. NON Essentials includes fan favorites like “Forget This, I’m Going to Tokyo”, “Go Away”, “Summer Daze”, “Ten Years Ago Today”, and “Ode to the Drink”, and of course the bands highly successful single, “Runaway”. The album also contains NoN’s popular cover of “Baby Got Back”, as well as a previously unreleased cover of the popular 80’s hit, “Kiss Me Deadly”. In addition to “Kiss Me Deadly”, NoN also included another previously unreleased track on the album……. An acoustic live recording of the popular track, “Summer Daze”, that has a drastically different sound to it when performed using acoustic guitars and bongos. The acoustic version of “Summer Daze” was recorded live during an on-air broadcast on the AM college radio station, The Blaze, which is the official station of Arizona State University. The track has a weak recording, however the over tone of the song is a big change, and it’s a nice change from the usual upbeat style that the song produces. NON Essential has a total of 26 tracks, and each track is tight and solid, with a catchy style that helps make this album one of the best releases that 2021 has to offer!