Hottest of Phoenix

"Top 5 Local Bass Players of the Year"

Arizona Independent Music Scene Magazine

January 20212

Written By: Adam Comms


"Top 5 Hottest Bass Players of 2021"

#2: CHASE STAIN (Numbers On Napkins)

Chase Stain is probably best known as the bassist for the pop punk band, Numbers On Napkins, although Stain has an impressive resume, and has worked with several local artists throughout his career. He got his start playing bass in the Phoenix based punk rock band Dirty Laundry in 1993, and briefly switched to guitar in early 2000, but returned to the bass in 2001. Stain was also the bassist for the pop punk band, Yars Revenge, and the screamo/metal/post hardcore band, Forever Falling, and has shared the stage as a guest bassist for various local artists, including Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners and Reason Unknown. Chase Stain has a distinct style and sound that is similar to that of Mike Dirnt from Greenday, with bright shimmering high end tones, as well as thick and solid lows. Stain frequently utilizes assorted effects pedals that help give him a style of playing that stands out compared to most of the Valley’s other bass players. Stain plays complex bass lines in many songs, and he often plays fast scales that require precise timing, and his skillful use of playing bass chords and finger tapping techniques helps Stain show off his original style of playing. Stain really shines when he performs live, and while on stage he displays strong confidence that quickly turns into a somewhat cocky attitude, as he plays flawlessly while running and jumping across the stage with furious energy. Stain often plays the bass with impressive showmanship, as he switches the position of his left hand while playing the bass during live performances. Stain plays the bass the standard way, reaching under the neck of the bass to access the frets, and then switches the position of his hand and accesses the frets by reaching over the top of the neck. Stain frequently changes the position of his hands while playing, and also throws his bass over the top of his head and plays the bass behind his head, as well as spinning around while playing. Stain’s overall display of showboating is unlike any other bass player in the state, and his intricate bass lines show his creative talent, earning him the number two spot in this year’s Hottest Bass Players list.