Numbers On Napkins - "NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins" CD

Valley Frequencies Magazine

December 2021

Written By: Uncredited


"Arizona's Top Ten Albums of 2021"


ARTIST: Numbers On Napkins

ALBUM: NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins



LABEL: Bad Stain Records


When it came time to choose the number one local album of the year, everyone at the magazine had to agree that the latest, and also the final release from Numbers On Napkins was the clear choice. NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins is our choice for the number one album of 2021, simply because it’s the strongest release this year, for the obvious reason that it’s an album containing all of NoN’s best material. NON Essentials includes all of NoN’s most popular tracks, like “Runaway”, “Forget This, I’m Going to Tokyo”, “Go Away”, “Summer Daze”, “Ode to the Drink”, “Ten Years Ago Today”, and many more. The CD also includes a previously unreleased pop punk cover of the 80’s hit, “Kiss Me Deadly”, and two other bonus tracks. This CD is by far the best album that NoN has ever released, and odds are that everyone who takes a listen will find at least a couple tracks that they enjoy. Unfortunately, NoN split up back in April, but we are grateful that they gave us one last album, that shows the bands overall diverse sound throughout their career. NON Essentials gives the listener a wide range of styles, ranging from pop-punk, hardcore punk, Irish folk, alternative rock, indie rock, emo-pop, and more, and features lyrics that are well written with moods that are angry, sad, funny, upbeat, happy, tragic, and many have a high energy style that’s perfect for a party atmosphere.