Dirty Laundry - "Harmonies from the Hamper" BOX SET

Valley Frequencies Magazine

December 2021

Written By: Uncredited


"Arizona's Top Ten Albums of 2021"


ARTIST: Dirty Laundry

ALBUM: Harmonies from the Hamper “The Complete History” (Box Set)



LABEL: Bad Stain Records

WEBSITE: www.Facebook.com/DirtyLaundryRocks

Dirty Laundry was a local band that graced the Valley with their punk rock presence throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s, and even though the band split in 2002, this year they released a special limited edition box set. Harmonies from the Hamper: The Complete History is a blast from the past, featuring 3 CD’s containing the complete works from the band, as well as a 40 page band biography, booklets full of song lyrics, band member info, album and recording credits, the band discography, posters, stickers, and an insert with track listings for each CD and recording credits. This box set is fire, and even though most of the staff wasn’t familiar with Dirty Laundry prior to getting the box set, it’s fair to say that everyone was impressed with the release. The bands music drastically shifts due to several lineup changes throughout their history, and the band switches between playing raw punk rock, to hardcore punk, pop punk, skate punk, street punk, and just about every other punk genre in between.