4-17-11          Numbers On Napkins sells over 1,000 copies of their new CD!
We are happy to announce that Numbers On Napkins have sold over 1,300 copies of their latest
release, "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas".  Album sales are a bit slower than their previous releases,
but we are expecting download sales to make up the difference.  The album will be available for
download starting May 11th.  If you haven't got your copy of the new CD yet, you can pick it up online
at www.interpunk.com for just $2.00!  Get your copy now!

                                                                                                                                    Moe Money

11-11-10        Web Banner and Flyer Ads for the BAD STAIN ANNIVERSARY
We have the flyer and web banner for the Anniversary Party.  You can help by posting the ads on any
websites you have.  Please tell everyone about the concert.  We want to have a blast, and make it a
fun filled night for everyone!

                                                                                                    Chase Stain

10-16-10        Winners!
Congrats to the winners of the 10-10-10 contest!
Lisa Stone
Jason Preters
Scott Pulmann
You should be receiving your prizes this week.  After checking our inventory, we have discovered
that we are all out of the "Punk til ya Poop" compilation CD's.  The album has sold over 15,000
copies, and is the best selling release on Bad Stain.  We have decided not to repress the album, as
many of the bands on the CD are no longer together, and we feel the album has run its course.  For
anyone looking for a copy, there may be some available at Interpunk.Com or at your favorite local
record store.
                                                                                                           Chase Stain

10-1-10        TenTenTen Contest....Enter now!  Ten Winners get Ten Prizes on 10/10/10
Starting October 1st (today), we are having a ten day contest and will be giving away ten prizes to
ten different winners!  We will announce the winners at 10:00pm (Arizona Time) on 10/10/10.  To
enter, just e-mail
contest@badstainrecords.com anytime between 10:00am on October 1st, and
10:00am (Arizona Time) on October 10th.  In the subject area, write: "10/10/10".  In the body,
please give us your name and e-mail address.  We will post the winners names on this site on
10/10/10.  Each winner will be contacted via e-mail on 10/10/10, and we will request your mailing
address and ship out your prize by 10-15-10.  Each winner will receive 10 prizes ($100.00 Value).  
Here is a list of prizes:

1.  Two tickets to BAD STAIN RECORDS 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!  This all ages show will
show will also have a raffle with over $2,500 in prizes, including a special One-Of-A-Kind BAD
STAIN RECORDS 15 year anniversary custom electric guitar from MIKE GEE CUSTOMS!  For
complete info, visit:  
RETAIL VALUE: $10 each

2.  Two tickets to THE LIVE, LOUD N' LOCAL MUSIC FESTIVAL - Hosted By: "The Queen of
MySpace" Christine (FORBIDDEN) Dolce.  80 bands performing 30 minute sets over a three day
period.  The concert starts on Friday October, 8th and ends on Sunday October 10th.  Bad Stain
Recording Artists NUMBERS ON NAPKINS will be headlining the Festival, and performing on
Saturday, October 9th at 11:30pm until 1:30am.  For complete info, visit:  
RETAIL VALUE:  $10 each

3.  One advance copy of NUMBERS ON NAPKINS "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas" CD - Get it before
you can buy it!  The CD doesn't hit store shelves until 12/21/2010!

4.  One Large 18" x 24" Full Color NUMBERS ON NAPKINS "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas" poster.

5.  One Large 18" x 24" Full Color CHASE STAIN "The First Quarter" poster.

6.  One copy of DOPING's "Wrong Perfection" CD.

7.  One copy of NUMBERS ON NAPKINS "Quickerdrunkenlouderharder" CD.

8.  One copy of the PUNK TIL YA PASS OUT Compilation CD, featuring 30 amazing bands.

9.  One copy of THE IMPORTS "Self Titled" CD.

10.  One copy of United Magnetics "Re-Inventing the Fifth Wheel" CD

Ten fans will win each of these ten items on 10/10/10!  You must be 15 years or older to enter.  
Contest limited to residents of the U.S.  Good luck to everyone who enters.

                                                                                                  Good Luck - Amy

9-26-10        Bad Stain 15 Year Anniversary Guitar from Mike Gee Custom Guitars
So Mike Gee Custom Guitars is making a special one of a kind Bad Stain Records 15 Year
Anniversary Custom Guitar!  This awesome guitar will be raffled off at the Bad Stain Anniversary
Party at Club Red in Tempe, AZ on November 27th.  Make sure to be at the show and get some
tickets for your chance to win the guitar!

                                                                                              Peace - Moe Money

9-1-10        Albums, Shows, and Farewells
Running a record label is a little strange.  There are weeks when everyone is stressed and working
like crazy.....and there are weeks when things are so slow we all end up playing Guitar Hero or day
drinking at a dive bar.  It seems like lately everyone has become a pro at Guitar Hero, and our bar
tabs are pretty outrageous.  That all changed this week.  We have been preparing for the release of
Chase Stain's new album, "The First Quarter", in stores 9/21/2010......as well as Numbers On
Napkins new CD, "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas", in stores 12/21/2010.  In addition to the albums,
we are also gearing up to have our anniversary party on November 27th.  All the info about the show
is available online at

We are also happy to announce that our very own NUMBERS ON NAPKINS will be headlining this years
"LIVE, LOUD N' LOCAL MUSIC FESTIVAL".  The Festival is October 8-10, 2010 at Club Red in
Tempe, AZ.  The concert features 80 of Arizona's best local acts, and is being hosted by the infamous
Christine Dolce - AKA "Forbidden" - The Queen of MySpace.  The 3-Day Festival is from 5:00PM until
2:00AM on Friday,        1:00PM until 2:00AM on Saturday, and 12:00PM until 10:00PM on Sunday.  
Each band is scheduled to perform a 30 minute set, with the exception of NUMBERS ON NAPKINS who
will be playing for over two hours!  NUMBERS ON NAPKINS is honored to be headlining the event, and
will hit the stage at 11:30PM on Saturday, October 9th, and perform until 1:45AM.  

Tickets are just $10 in advance, and are a 3-Day pass.  You can also pay at the door, although the cover is
$12 at the door and only good for one day.  You can purchase tickets directly from NUMBERS ON
NAPKINS at any of their shows, or by e-mailing them at
numbersonnapkins@badstainrecords.com.  We
are offering a special deal for the month of September that can save everyone a little cash.  We are selling
tickets to 3 concerts for a discounted price of just $25!  Usually, the price for the shows would be $30 if
you bought tickets separately....even more if you paid at the door.  So you save at least $5.00.  The shows
to purchase tickets from NUMBERS ON NAPKINS, you can buy tickets from any of the bands
performing, or at the Club Red Box Office, or online at
ticketweb.com.  There are some great bands
performing, including Matt Martini's band, REASON UNKNOWN.  Matt is our Head of Consignment,
and the former guitarist of NUMBERS ON NAPKINS.  REASON UNKNOWN is amazing, and hits the
stage on Saturday at 3:15PM.  After REASON UNKNOWN performs their set, AUTOMATIC SELF
DESTRUCT will be performing at 3:45.  They are another amazing band worth checking out!  We don't
have any set times, but there are a lot of great bands worth checking out.  A BOY NAMED SIOUX,
HUNGER ARTIST AND THE VENOMOUS PINKS are all worth checking out live!  You can get all the
info you need online at www.liveloudnlocal.com.  

Finally, we are sad to inform everyone that Sean "40 Man" Johnson has decided to leave Bad Stain to
pursue his goals in the Ukraine.  Sean has been helping with Bad Stain since we started in 1995.  He has
done nearly everything with the label at some point.  Sean could easily pull and ship an order while he was
on the phone ordering CD's from our wholesaler, or taking out ads in magazines or on websites for an
upcoming album.  Although he did various things for the label, Sean always worked best as an A&R Rep,
and he has been in that position for the past three years.  He has introduced us to many of our recording
artists like Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth and Swallow This.  After moving to the Ukraine to focus on his
orphanage, he recently introduced us to Doping.   Doping is the newest band to join our little family.  
Doping is from the Ukraine, and sings in both English and Russian.  Their debut CD "Wrong Perfection" is
on sale now!

Anyway............To make a long story short.....Sean has found happiness and doesn't have the time to help
with the label anymore.  Sean and I go waaayyyyyy back.  18 years.  Honestly, I have never known Sean
to be as happy as he is.  He fell in love and married a beautiful girl from the Ukraine.  He moved to the
Ukraine about 5 years ago and met his wife there a couple years after he moved.   He has helped start and
maintain an orphanage, and also works with House of James Ministries.  He is an amazing person, and is
very caring and giving.  I admire the fact he does so much for the children in his orphanage.  I fully
understand his decision to leave Bad Stain and wish him the best of luck in the future.  Sean has been
helping with the label for 15 years......he will not be easy to replace, and he will be missed.

                                                                                                Cheers - Chase Stain

7-30-10     Guess who's turning 15 years old?
For the past 15 years, Bad Stain has been bringing you bands from our hot state of Arizona, as well
as a variety of bands from across the U.S., Canada and the Ukraine.  It's hard to believe that 15
years ago we started the label with $1100 from our tax returns, and a little band called DIRTY
LAUNDRY.  To celebrate, we are having a concert at Club Red in Tempe, AZ on November 27th,
2010.  We will be giving everyone the details about the concert over the next few weeks at
www.badstainrecords.com/15years, so make sure to check back soon for a list of bands, sponsors,
and all of the $3,000 in prizes you can win from our auction!  Also, NUMBERS ON NAPKINS has
some other great shows coming up.  Check them out on August 28th at Connolly's in Glendale,
AZ.....and at The Live, Loud and Local Festival at Club Red October 8th through the 10th, hosted by
"The Queen of MySpace" Christina (FORBIDDEN) Dolce.........and Numbers On Napkins CD Release
Party at Club Red on December 18th!  So mark those dates on your calender and check back soon
for complete details!  

                                                                                                Cheers - Tad Gurthman

6-18-10     Time for a Facelift and a Facebook
It's official!  Bad Stain Records is now on Facebook!  After nearly two years of our staff talking
about starting a Facebook page, we finally did it.  Make sure to drop by and "Like" us.  While you're
adding us, drop by and add our bands as well.  We also started pages for Numbers On Napkins, Dirty
Laundry, Three Chord Mafia, Nothing in China, and Chase Stain.

For over five years everyone at Bad Stain has informed our fearless leader, Chase Stain, that our
website could use some good lovin'.  Chase created the site in 2000 and not much has been done to
change it.  After some serious whining and bitching, we managed to talk Chase into giving the
website a small facelift.  Nothing too drastic.  Just a little change.  So you may notice subtle
changes in the website over the next few weeks as Chase works his magic.

Speaking of Chase working his magic, he managed to make all 500 copies of his new album, "March",
vanish!  The CD sold out a lot faster than we had anticipated, and we are very sorry to everyone who
couldn't purchase the CD.  Bad Stain will not be repressing the CD anytime in the future.....EVER!  
Just like Stain's first two limited edition CD's, "January" and "February", the albums will be
shelved forever.  The good news is that even though Bad Stain will never release "March" again,
Chase Stain will be releasing a full length album titled, "The First Quarter: January, February and
March".  As you probably figured out already, the album will feature the first three installments in
Chase Stain's "Month" series.  All the tracks from "January", "February" and "March" are included
on the CD, plus two previously unreleased bonus tracks!  "The First Quarter" drops in October of
2010, and you can take your time buying this one.......it's NOT a limited edition pressing.

                                                                            Big Wet Sloppy Kisses - Cris MoSkill
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