Laundromat Productions is based in Phoenix, AZ and works as both a booking agency
to hundreds of both local bands as musicians, as well as national touring acts from all
over the world.  In addition, Laundromat Productions is also proud to act as the
manager to various bands, offering a highly knowledgeable staff to ensure that our
bands are equipped with everything they need to gain exposure in the music scene.
We specialize in booking a wide range of music including rock, punk, pop punk, emo,
screamo, alternative, hardcore punk, metal, humor-core, emotronic, fusion rock,
anti-folk, grindcore, grunge, post punk, indie rock, new wave, industrial, psychobilly,
bluegrass, reggae, industrial, glam, ska, folk, surf punk, rockabilly, thrash, funk and
more.  Whether you are on the road, or live in the valley, we can work with you to get
you the venue you want.
We have put on over 1,000 concerts, and have worked with hundreds of bands.  We
work with dozens of venues throughout Arizona including The Marquee Theatre, The
Clubhouse, Modified, The Paper Heart Gallery, Hollywood Alley, Jugheads, The Trunk
Space, Casablanca, Yucca Tap Room, Skybox, Tupelo Tap Room, Casey Jones,
Marc's, Alice Cooperstown and many more.  We also work closely with over a dozen
other promoters in Arizona to ensure that if we can't get you the date you need, our
business partners can.
Are you just looking for some assistance in booking a show?  We can work with you to
make your event a success!   We do everything from finding and reserving a venue
with the capacity you need, to booking additional entertainment, to finding sponsors to
help with promotion and advertising.  We can create and distribute your flyers and
posters, and make you a web banner to help advertise the event online at
messageboards, band websites, and of course MySpace.  We'll even get our publicity
team to get blurbs & articles in various publications and websites to spread the word.,
and post the event on key entertainment message boards and concert listings
throughout Arizona.
If you are looking for more than just a show, Laundromat Productions can help
develop your band and get your music into the hands of various record labels and
A&R reps.  We have the resources that bands need to succeed, and work with our
artists to expose them to the masses.  Each band we manage is assigned a personal
manager that they can work direct with, and still has a full team of hard working and
knowledgeable representatives on their side.
Laundromat Productions is your source for success!  Feel free to browse our website
to learn more about how we can further your career.  If you have any questions, don't
hesitate to contact us at

Cheers - Chase Stain (President)
Numbers On Napkins
- Our Website Gets a Much Deserved Facelift
We are proud to announce the launch of our new
website!  Please excuse our "mess" as we clean up all
the tiny glitches, spelling errors and other nusences.  We
hope to have the new site up and ready for a full launch
by February 1st.  In the meantime, feel free to browse
around the site and view all the new features!  If you
need to contact us with any questions, you can always
contact us at:
Cheers - The Staff
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