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September 4th, 2017 - Hello again
everyone.  Just wanted to let everyone know
that my band NUMBERS ON NAPKINS will be
coming out of hiatus in the near future and
releasing a new album on Bad Stain Records.  
As for my solo music, I still haven't been
playing any live shows, and I still don't have a
date to release the "April" CD yet.  Rest
assured, the E.P. will eventually be released at
some point in the future, along with the rest of
my "Month" series.  For now, you can still
purchase "The First Quarter: January,
February, and March" CD collection that
features my first three limited edition E.P.'s in
the series from InterPunk.Com.  Stay tuned for
more info on the return of NUMBERS ON
NAPKINS.  Take care.

Cheers - Chase Stain
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